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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back in the game

V's kids came round this morning to use the tennis courts. Being a busybody, I went and joined them. They were having lessons with their new coach but we joined in after their hour ended.

Coach Sepandar is Iranian, started playing professionally at 10 and was a national player by 16. He is now coaching as he attends university here in Malaysia. We sparred for a few rounds and he taught me some new footwork. His English wasn't great but we understood each other fine. At the end of my half hour, I was exhausted but it was really fun. At RM 50 a hour, I thought it was really affordable, so will now take individual lessons with him every week. It would be great to start playing again and perhaps get to a level where I can play with T who is too good for me.

Hmm, wonder if it would be too wayang to now buy some serious tennis gear like the one Sharapova wore during the French Open.

After the game, we went with the kids to Fukuharu, a newly ( 6 months ) opened Japanese restaurant in Jalan Ampang.

Terrace @ Hock Choon,
Lorong Nibong, Off Jalan Ampang.
Tel: 017-209-8477

Food was good especially the sashimi. Tuna and salmon cuts were fat and fresh. The lunch sets were really good value, RM 29 ++ for a main, small starter, chawamushi and dessert.

( pics from masak masak blog )

I think I will be going back there very soon.

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