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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Write Stuff

My blogging in the past weeks have been infrequent due to my focus on The Write Stuff. After much deliberation, I have decided to try and start a small business selling personal stationery. Picked a name, bought the url and found a fabulous webpage building site here

So collating from past designs and coming up with new ones, I put together a simple website and though it is only 90% completed, I am ready to start.

My friend D has organized a market fair at her compound inviting vendors to sell their crafts and home made goodies. She invited me to set up a booth and that is what motivated me to get moving on The Write Stuff . The fair is tomorrow from 1-4pm and I to be there earlier to prep my station. I made some cards to sell but am hoping to get some orders. Fingers crossed, wish me luck.

Here's my website if you are interested to view. It remains a work in progress and I hope to add more to the site as I learn more about this business.

Here's some of the stuff I am taking to the fair. Will post more pics when I get there.

These are kids' party invites package which includes cupcake toppers.

You can tell this was put together last minute cos I don't even have proper plastic for the stationery and had to resort to using ziploc bags. Sigh.

Made some extra toppers to display at the fair.

To the market, to the market...........................I am quite nervous.

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