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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Johnny Carpenter

We are already running out of closet space after moving into our new flat 2 months ago. There wasn't much to begin with and even after re-organizing the existing space three times, I gave up.  It would be easier to buy more closets because the road ahead will only promise more clutter.

I hate buying more storage units as they are bulky and ugly and just a waste of money. So that left us with only one solution which was to build one and the idea got T very excited. The only problem was finding the materials.

The blueprint for a storage unit was very simple, a basic wooden box to sit on the terrace, painted white.
We needed a few nails and hard boards so we went in search for raw materials in the desert. By pure chance and bit of luck, we came across an area called Najma near Old Doha.

There were plenty of tiny shops that stocked planks, hardware equipment, cheap electronics, even second hand furniture. We have landed in the place where the foreign workers in Doha buy their home supplies! Pre-cut curtains at QR 50 a pop, simple wooden shoe cabinets at QR 200, iron wrought single beds for less and more.

We found one lumber seller and he had 2m by 50cm planks at QR 20 a piece. T ordered some pieces cut to size while I poked around and came across these half inch thick planks that were about 2 metres long, with designs of stars or crosses bored into them. I managed to convince Johnny Carpenter to buy some and make a screen out of them.

Here's the finished product ! Thanks T ! You da best.


See how it hides all the junk with its pretty facade. Result !

Now even if we move, these screens could be used in any space.

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