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Monday, October 11, 2010

Butch's Room

That's the name of our baby boy. Butch.

Nah just kidding, but that's how we refer to him for lack of better names. We are still at a lost with a name. How does one find a name that can reflect Chinese, Persian and Anglo cultures?  With only 3 weeks left to go, the room is ready and here's a peek.

The walls are really bare so Ii really have to do something to spruce it up.

We bought a simple armchair today for me so I can feed him comfortably. I walked around the room and pretended to do a diaper change to see if all the supplies were close at hand. After that I sat in my new chair to take in the rest of the room and letting reality sink in.

We need a few more posters and toys for the room as of now, he only has a baby rattle. Poor chap. A few of the girls are throwing me a baby shower this week and some of them have toddlers. They are going to pass me some of the stuff their kids have outgrown. We have decided not to buy more toys until he is at least a few months old and T has his eye on a baby scrambler with training wheels. I think that can wait.

Looks cool though.

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