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Sunday, October 24, 2010

House Envy

I have been feeling rather tired and lethargic over the past week, which explains my lack of blogging. Even looking at my favourite bloggers updates, was not enough to lift me out of my restlessness. Anyway, I forced myself out of the house a few days ago, to get some fresh air and meet some friends to try and shake the moodiness out of the system.

The hair salon I frequent in Doha, was opening a new branch just 5 minutes away. Glow American Salon had an opening party on Friday at the Beach Tower. They promised the first 200 patrons goodie bags of free products. The invite said to come between 3 - 7pm and enjoy complimentary spa treatments like manicures and hair washes.

I figured that if we got there around 3pm, we wouldn't miss out. Getting 200 women to congregate in one location in Doha, sounds ambitious. How wrong were we ? The girls and I arrived at the scene at 3.15pm and already, all the bags were given out and the queue for free treatments spilled out of the salon. Boo hoo!

The sight of so many expat women in one place was rather unusual and they were everywhere. We were given free ice cream and coffee coupons so the trip was not completely wasted.

Beach Tower is located in the West Bay area, and the spa is on the ground floor of the apartment block. Handy to know that besides Glow, there is also a coffee and bagel shop in the building. We lingered for a while and decided to leave after having our fill of free scoops of dessert.

S, who drove us to the salon, just moved into her house on the bay. Since we had spare time, she invited us for a cup of tea at her new house.

What a house, is all I can say. It was right on the water and they had their own private swimming beach !

S is sharing the house with some mates as it has 5 bedrooms, so plenty of space. G's two cats were happily frolicking around the sand and the small patches of grass on the lawn.

The last tenants left a trampoline on the beach !

This was the view at the water line, the tall building in the horizon, is the Zig Zag Towers, an apartment block. There are rows of these gorgeous houses dotted along the beach and people were riding jetskis and sailing their little laser boats on the water as we sipped teas on the lawn.

Not a bad way to end a day....

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