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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doha Film Fest 2010

It's finally here, well in 8 days, the Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2010 will last 5 days starting on Oct 26. This year, the outdoor screenings will be done in the new Katara cultural village not far from the Pearl Qatar and right next door to the Intercontinental Hotel.

We drove in to have a peek at the area as we have only seen parts of the architecture poking out from behind the sand dunes from the main road. From a distance, it already looked impressive plus there was a Magnum photography exhibition on in one of the buildings.

Katara, I found out later is the ancient Greek name for Qatar. The old name sounds a lot prettier don't you think? We were greeted by these towers which are inspired by bird nests.

The stone buildings next to it housed a photographic society and a society of engineers ?! Weaving through the buildings, passing empty lots slated for cafes as the cultural village is not officially open to public yet. Suddenly there was an opening and the amphi-theatre loomed before us. It was like the roman colosseum, massive and built out of marble with soaring columns, great arches and what looks like, a brass entrance at least 2 storeys high.

My phone camera was unable to capture the magnificence of the building but found this image online.

For the film festival, films are not featured in this grand space but a temporary amphitheatre has been constructed steps away and viewings will be free of charge.

(photo from gulf times)

About 50 films are featured during the 5 days and we got tickets to watch one for now - Certified Copy, starring Juliet Binoche. We will head to the free screenings whenever possible as the evenings are so cool now, stting outside for a few hours would be pleasant.

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