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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Shower

Yesterday Z organized a baby shower for me and it was great fun. It was a potluck event and people brought along a tuna bake, homemade brownies, salads and pies. I made a easy mango salsa with tortilla chips and bought a Paul's blueberry pie. The party started mid afternoon and I was touched as some of the girls came from work even though they start at 3am in the morning.

There were many presents, some for me, some for the baby. There were adorable baby grows, a cute preppy cardigan, a pair of baby jeans even.

B who has two young children gave me a couple of practical toys that have kept her kids captivated for years.

A black and white book as babies can't see colours but love contrast, teething rings for them to grab on to instead of your hair, ELC's learning cubes that children love to play with because of the colours, mirrors and pockets of sequins that sparkle inside. The blue travel mug is for me to have my hot drinks as it comes with a lid and there is no danger of spillage. The little baby shoes are from S and they were picked out by her 7 year old daughter. Sweet.

Poor N who was up since 3am, bought me a plush toy, a camel ! I was so pleased as I secretly wanted one myself.

Let's call her Cheryl.

C bought me a lovely set of hand soap and cream from The White Company. It smells divine.

Thank you ladies for this party!

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