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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shopping in Heaven

After months of reading blogs by mostly women interested in fashion and design, I started
noticing a trend. Especially the blogs written in the US, most of them mention Anthropologie one time or another. Reactions to their latest collections often draw oohs and ahhs. There are entire blogs dedicated to reviewing their merchandise every season and crafters who have their own sites teaching others how to recreate Anthropologie clothes DIY or furniture DIY. The fan club is huge to say the least.

I decided to check out the website myself.

Anthropologie is a shop for women's clothes and household goods. The shop displays look like a scene out of some fairytale and it was hard pressed looking for things I didn't like.

This cascading ruffle cardigan is so pretty and versatile.

Buttoned up, with a big belt and its a dress !

And what fun photos of handbag and shoe combos. I love this pale blue and lime green bag. The shoes have my name all over it.

And this clutch is to die for don't you think ??

The household section is equally tempting. Check out these drawer knobs.

This leaf shaped rug with its forests shade is stunning.

The multi coloured frilly shower curtain made me giggle.

This paisley apron brings you from the kitchen to a picnic.

And this incredible plush cotton bedspread is just what I need.

So Z, that's my wishlist from the US, I am going to visit the shop in Regent Street, London too when I am there. They might have different merchandise. Let's chat !

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