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Monday, March 15, 2010

Granny bag

I have too many bags. Switching bags becomes a chore because I have to organise everything again and usually something gets lost in the process, my diary or a pen or lip gloss. So I got myself a bag organizer or bag caddy. Everything from keys, diary, camera, diary, shades, lip gloss goes into this caddy and I simply transfer this caddy to the new bag. Easy peasy.

Gin & Jacqie a homegrown brand has these in stock.

This design is not new and it has been sold as the pursesitter , pursetogo, purse underwear but they are all the same.

Online, I found other options that are not stocked here though. They are pursekets and come in 3 different sizes.

I like mine.


Z said...

A barang-barang bag for your bag BAG? This is why the shopping never ends ;-)) so where do i get them? haha!

Datthang said...

I know, when will it ever end ?! Never hpoefully. You can get them here or online I think. Try their website.