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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Clean Fun at the Sevens

We just returned from a weekend in HK and had a blast. This time, there was hardly any time for trawling the hidden streets and we also had just that one lunch at our dumpling lady shop becuase the time was spent at the Rugby Sevens.

20 countries take part in the biggest sporting event on the island every year and the parties surrounding these games get bigger each year. I have never been to one of these and was gobsmacked at every corner.

The games start at on a Friday and the finals are played on Sunday. The stadium is packed with booths selling all sorts of fast foods and booze. You can buy at these booths or wait for them to come you at the stands offering hot dogs, ice cream, beer and jugs of pimms.

Some people go to these games and just stand at the back getting completely hammered with mates not even watching a single game. It has become the social place to be during the last week of March every year.

It is tradition to have people dress up in the most outrageous costumes and be seen on the big screen. Those who are crazy enough to dress up, almost always ends up in the South stand where you see blown up dolls, rubber chickens get tossed around, or beer or sometimes human excrement !

Anyway, we were nowhere near those stands but we did get to see some of the outfits when the camera zoomed in to the crowds during half times.

These I took with my camera.

It was extremely well organized and the kids were free to run everywhere without fear. Truly Entire families came to get their face painted, eat junk food, meet up with friends and spend a great weekend together.

Glad I went.

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