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Monday, March 22, 2010

French Chic

Was in the malls looking for a gift for our godson. He's turned one and we will be seeing him this weekend. Figured toys were too bulky to carry on planes and plus he's one! God only knows what kind of toys he will like and if he will  end up playing with the box it came in instead.

Stepped in Chateau De Sable, a tiny outlet in Pavilion that stocks mainly white clothes for kids. Upon closer inspection, they were actually very unique. For the boys, the clothes were preppy with old school charm, and for the girls, simple cotton dresses with pastel stripes or discreet polka dots. Nothing was jarring in the shop, the displays were all white and they have clothes for newborns up to 12 year olds.

I picked up a sweater for him and wished they had it in my size. I can so see the boy walking onto the set of Gossip Girl with this on. Chuck Bass probably came out from his mother's womb wearing their ensembles.

Here's the sweater and the price was only RM 89 ! I found out that the shop had outlets worldwide including Singapore, Australia and the US.

Might buy something for baby Gabby here next time, here are some of the ones I saw online that were adorable.

The brand means sandcastles and I think the look is simple elegance with casual ease.

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