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Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday dinner

Last night our mates invited us over to partake in the gorg fest.  A stunning rack of lamb had landed in A's possession and he wasted no time firing up the barbeque. With the chops, we had a side of chicken breasts and beef steaks, there was so much meat around, I thought I was in a brazilian churrascaria.

A's marinade was so good, I practically inhaled the meat and only politely plucked at my salad only to have seconds of more protein. One of the girls invited her school mates around and the poor girl was vegetarian, well more food for us then I say !

In the afternoon leading up to the cannibalistic affair, I was fumbling around my kitchen looking for a spoon when I had a lightbulb moment.

I thought it would be nice to end the meal with a sweet treat and I was in the mood to bake so I tried my hand for the first time, to make pavlova. Scrambling into my fridge, I found 4 eggs, some chocolate, brown sugar and that's basically all that is needed to make the dessert.


After an hour in a low temperature oven, the pavlovas were ready, all golden on the outside and I hope, marshmellowy on the inside.

To accompany the pavlova, we needed something fruity and after digging into my deep freezer, I found frozed raspberries and made a simple compote. 

After dinner, I used A's kitchen to whip up some fresh cream and served up dessert which went down like a treat with everyone. Success !

Now what else should I bake ???

Taking inspiration from a fav baker of mine, Joy the baker - here are some of her creations.

Cranberry banana cake ?

Mocha coffee cake ?


Or the brown sugar apple cheesecake?
I am hungry now.


Z said...

Will there be sweet treats when we're over there during Easter weekend?

Datthang said...

of course !! will do pavlova again if you like it was really yummy !