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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ceramic Art

In a few weeks, I have to move and the packing remains to be done. The task is daunting since over 4 years in KL, we have accumulated enough stuff for 2 houses. The upside is that we are not taking anything with us, which means I need to start dividing up stuff and decide what goes and what stays.

For the first 3 months we were told that the company will put us up in the corporate hostel. Feedback from friends indicated that it is a dire place but since it will help save some cash, we will tough it out. Which means I have a big job of trying to cosy up the space. I think some of the rugs and most of the wall hangings will come with us to brighten up the flat.

Kitchenware is tough, I wonder if I should bring or leave. The last thing I should do is buy more but if I can ever get my hand on Samantha Robinson's pieces, I will. A sydney potter and ceramicist, she hand paints nature inspired landscapes and delicate florals on each of her creations.

Her shop in Bondi, Sydney is called Tea Petal. Sweet name.

It's not kitchenware, its artware.

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Z said...

That's what I say about my shoes - not footwear, but work of art!