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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phone love

I have been busy playing with my latest toy over the past week. The HTC legend phone is so cool to use, I send emails, check facebook, take great photos and everyday I find new apps to use.

The home page of the phone works as a weather barometer. It shows me what the local temperature is and if there is a storm coming, windscreen wipers turns up on the screen as raindrops start pounding the screen. It's so neat !!

Other than that, the packing has started. Well we started spring cleaning and throwing out stuff we have little use for. In T's study, there are stuff older than me ! The movers will deliver boxes tomorrow so I can start putting stuff away for storage. Not something I am looking forward to. Luckily my friend S is coming over to help.

We have a budget of 25 boxes for the move and when I sat down to draft my list of stuff coming, I have already "filled" 30 boxes. More decluttering needed and I really have to be brutal about what I take. When we moved here 4 years ago, we had 200 boxes. Shocking and to think, we have more stuff now.

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