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Friday, April 16, 2010

Handmade Noodles in KL

As it stands, we only have about 4 weeks left in KL to sample all the goodies before leaving for our new home. My friends have been very kind to offer to take me to out of town areas to eat at their favourite local hawkers. Today we were in the red light district in central, amid greasy car repair shops and wholesalers.

The objective was to have a taste of Kin Kin's infamous chilli pan mee. I have no idea how to get to this place, since T took numerous back roads and all the road names were unknown to me.

She said that we had to get there before the lunch crowds to avoid a 45 minute wait. The coffee shop was already half full at 11.45am and the proprietor was very friendly with T because she comes every week.

The entire coffee shop sells one dish - pan mee. The noodles are made fresh daily and the dough cutter was right there next to the boiling vats of stock. The champion of the dish was in the chilli and there were signs everywhere warning patrons against takpowing the home made chilli. We ordered the dry version which came with a poached egg and a bowl of hot soup with vegetables as a side.

The noodles were al dente and had a lovely chewy bite to it. Dried ikan bilis and fried pork was sprinkled generously on top. After dumping a tablespoon of the famous chilli in it, which was more like soggy chilli flakes, we dug in.

I was very impressed and was tempted to lick the bowl when I finished. Thank you T for taking me here.

These photos were taken by a food blogger KY eats.

There is also a map.

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