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Monday, April 19, 2010

Cloudy Horizons

The past week news bulletins were filled with stories of natural disasters. The Chinese have suffered yet another earthquake and the Iceland volcano has erupted, causing mayhem for the locals.

Can't imagine what it is like under those black clouds.

The skies over Europe are locked down. Food imports are halted, DHL deliveries delayed (T's new phone orderd online managed to catch the ferry out of the UK but is now stuck somewhere in Paris, poor chap), our travel plans might be changed. We are not flying out for another 3 weeks but with the backlog piling up, we are expecting chaos at Heathrow.

The photos from Iceland are depressing. The river is drowning in ash.

David Chater from AJ did a live report and at high noon, the place was blanketed in darkness. They said this is what a nuclear war would be like. The poor livestock is slowly suffocating to death, but still some people refuse to evacute. Why ?!

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