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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Spring Cleaning

It's 2010 and a quiet Sunday especially after two solid weeks of merrymaking. My house is now rid of all decorations and glitter and back to looking like its normal self.

This was after the countdown and the balloon drop. The floor was littered with sparkly confetti and white/gold balloons.

This is the back to normal living room. Everything back where it belongs.

Then in the spirit of clearing up, I went on a rampage and decided to do paperwork de-cluttering. Can't be hard right? Just some bank slips, credit card statements, bills, more bills .... it turned out to be a monumental task ! Phase One - just separating my paper from Tey's and into a pile that is Ours, took 2 hours. There is more to do but for now, this will do.

After sorting out all the rubbish, I was feeling unburdened and clean.

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