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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday cake dummy

Since we weren't going to eat the cake I baked, I thought I give it to B's daughter to play with. Maya only just learnt how to blow out candles and my cake is better posing as a dummy than a dessert so we had fun lighting, and re-lighting and letting her blow out the flame.

I left after an hour but heard she was amusing herself with the cake for hours on end.

Maybe this year for her birthday, I will bake her a cake since by then (June), I should be an expert ! Or better still, throw her a full size party with all the frills and thrills. I could nick ideas of this website

It is a great little website for mothers who need inspiration when it comes to their children. Parties, room decoration, games, toys ... The search menus are easy to use and has loads of options. If you search by Tag, the drop down menu reveals a wonderland of fun ideas.

The party gallery is where I went to drool over. These mothers came up with the most adorable ideas like this Ladybug theme.

Just look at the hanging banner - which is so easy to do with my new illustrator skills, and the paper pom-poms look just like the ones I made to decorate the guest room when L and D visited.

This table setting is incredibly fun to look at.

And finally a tower of ladybug cupcakes.

This is a great business idea, because I don't see parents having time to do all of that and enjoy the party. Hmm now I really have to bake edible cakes.

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