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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A little bird told me...

P from out of town was visiting and I organized a dinner out with the usual suspects. The plan was to head to Tamarind Hills where I last went when Z and D were in town in May 2009. The venue was ideal and it offered the tropical exotic decor with good cocktails and delish food.

I was the first to arrive tonight and found that Tamarind had expanded next door and opened up a new annexe called Neo. At first I thought it was no more than a cool bar as the foyer had a clubby lighting and was flanked by a long black bar with LED lights built into the counter. But on closer inspection, there were several dining rooms where they serve tapas.

I liked it so much, dinner plans at the other place was cancelled, made new reservations and proceeded to pour through their martini list.

The resident mixologist was a french dude who sidled up and offered his suggestions. We decided on a raspberry, red wine vinegar vodka martini but he insisted I try their dry martini served with olive and blue cheese. So before my other guests arrive, I had my martini and he brought me a sampler of the other martini. Both went down well and I was sold. The other martinis flavours were like roasted apple, blueberry balsamic, bourbon apricot.....which I am determined to try next time.

The entrance to NEO.

Snapshot of one of their dining rooms. But we were seated at a different section, which was lot more cosy. The grey wall you see at the end of this room is actually a waterfall.

Food was quite good and very creative but bit expensive. Lamb shank with fig jus and tarragon risotto, snow fish with asparagus and walnut mash etc.

These pics came from their website.

When I googled Tamarind Springs, which is the original restuarant we were going to, the search brought up another place with the same name, in Koh Samui. I clicked on it accidently and it was a hotel / spa with the most amazing photos.

Thought I'd share it with you guys.

This place has apparently won awards for being the top spa in Samui. It is a day spa where one can go to spend few indulging hours or attend a massage academy.

They also offer villas for staying overnight at around USD 150/ night.

Divine isn't it....

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