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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I heart HBO

As much as I dislike the amount of American crap I watch on TV, once in a while I applaud their genius and Bored To Death is one series I am enjoying now. Thanks L for introducing it to me.

Season One just finished and I am impatient for the next one. The show is about a novelist who is having problems living his own life, smokes a lot of pot; has a boss (Ted Danson) who is a diehard romantic and also bored with life so smokes a lot of pot; and a best friend who is a cartoonist who also yes you guessed it, smokes a lot of pot.

Jonathon, the novelist escapes reality by becoming a private detective and ropes in Danson and his best friend. They stumble through bizarre adventures usually through a fog of pot smoke and somehow solve mysteries.

Go here if you want to sample episodes.


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