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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Domestic Goddess in Training

I signed up for a cake decorating class a month ago and went for the first class last weekend. The first class was not much fun, mostly standing around watching the instructor whip up some icing then frosting a cake. This week, we had to bring our own 8 inch cake frosted in our choice of colour so that we can learn the techniques of piping designs.

So I went over to B's to bake my cake because she's got all the ingredients and the tools anyway. I found a lemon yogurt cake recipe at home and decided to bake that. When it was done, it was not so mueh a fluffy lemon cake as a thick lemon biscuit. Disaster. I suspect B was bit grumpy about me not asking her for a cake recipe that she decided not to say anything when she watched me. Goes to show that not all recipes work.

Anyway, it was fine because I wasn't planning to eat this cake. The icing will send my systems to diabetic shock. We were just told to bake one, ice it and bring it to class.

Here's my cake looking kinda blue-grey.

More practice needed obviously and the frosting is hopeless. The consistency of my icing was way too thick and it was hard to work with. Too late now.

At class we were taught different piping techniques. This lady is actually a baker with years of experience but signed up for classes to upgrade her skills. Just look at her cake, that was the colour I was aiming.

Here's the final line up. None of which by the way are my cake.

This is mine.

Not bad for a first class and what fun!

Next week we are told to bring 6 frosted cupcakes so guess I will be doing more baking then !

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