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Friday, January 8, 2010

If only...

Last night, we met up with J the architect to see what new updates he had for us. The last time we met was our trip to Lanka and since then Christmas and New Year had passed us by.

He had done more detailed drawings and was ready to talk to structural engineers and soon we should know whether his designs would be sound and after that, the tender for contractors can begin.

Our meeting was held over drinks at Skybar and we went through about 20 pages of drawings. The original design has not changed but he wanted us to decide on specific things like baths and pool designs. All very exciting.

He just completed a house in Phuket a few months back and the owner wants to sell it. I have only seen photos and it looks spectacular. Looking at these pictures, we got a sense of his design style because the house he has designed for us will have the same ceilings, wall finishes and the same sized pool ( if we can afford it ).

If you know anyone with USD 2.7 mil to spare, this is the house for him.

Here's one of the 2 guest rooms. This one has its own roof garden.

Breakfast on the terrace with an arresting view. What more does one need?

Views from every room in the house.

At night, the house simply glows. That pool is black terrazo, I have never seen a black pool before. Looks good.

The owners are renting out the rooms so if you fancy a trip to Phuket, we could stay here. The mistress of the house is a gourmet chef and has cooking classes in her kitchen.

Here's the link to the Dama zAmya house for more.

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