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Thursday, November 12, 2009

World Best Restaurants 2009

The result for the this year's World's Best 100 restaurants are out and for the 5th year running, El Bulli is the winner.

The Fat Duck in London took second place and the third is some Danish restaurant.

I scrolled down the list of 100 and at no 34, is Singapore's Iggy! I haven't been but tried to once, they have very limited seating and reservations are at least 24 hours.

Les Amis also made the list at 60. Australia's Tetsuya was at no 17 and did I hear, they might be opening a branch when the casinos open?

Anyway, as I pored over the list, I was trying to recall the name of a french restaurant that I had a really brillant dinner in. It was in 2005 and it was in a small town near the Pyrenees but I cannot recall where exactly. Very frustrating. I do remember that it was at that dinner, I realised that eating was total experience and at that point, I begin to pay more attention to food and cooking.

I so wished I wrote a journal to note these memorable dates/ places down, like Z does. My memory is so lousy I can't remember what I did last week. Thankfully with the blog now, I can go back and relive the moments.

So for the record, here are some of the places I enjoyed when we were in NZ earlier this year.

Best burger ever. Arrowtown Bakery and Cafe. They are supposed to be famous for the pies but the burger blew me away.

Best lunch with stunning view was Mt Difficulty

And I only had the antipasti platter. It was insanely good. And with that view, we didn't want to leave.

Best breakfast and coffee strangely was at a chain coffee shop called Joe's Garage.

I had the same breakfast 2 days running, "the sweetie", crispy bacon and fried egg in a toasted bun. Simple but world best. The bbq sauce and some strange cream coloured sauce that they provide at the tables, makes the breakfast bun messy but oh so good.

(pic from here)

Best pizza in a nowhere town, Twizel - Shawty's

Best dinner - La Toscana and The Fat Duck in Te Anau.

:) Now the memories are immortalized.

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