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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bling It On

Tis the season to be hammered lalalala- lala-la-la............!

My friend is throwing the first party of the season next Friday. The theme is Bling Bling and my mind is reeling with ideas already. I am going to dress T up as a gangsta rap-star ( unbeknown to him of course) and I will go as a tranny.

Today as I was browsing in the Lucky Plaza equivalent in KL, I chanced upon 2 floors of boutiques that stock clothes I swear that only either pimps or those at Top Ten would frequent. Perrrrfect !!

T would need a giant bling belt buckle and there were so many to choose from too.

Money talks?

The classic skull

My personal favourite - the diamante pistol, it comes in a silver, black or gold.

But this I suspect would be T's choice though.

An LED belt buckle which you can customize by typing in your name or a rude word. You can see it now couldn't you? ( Head shaking ). Compared to the above choices which cost between RM 45 - 60, it is the most expensive at RM 99 ( small) or RM 198 ( large), I think it is a waste of money but we'll see.

For me, I am searching for a OTT sequinned dress in some ghastly colour, some false eye lashes, boots and maybe ( and i am very tempted ) a candy pink wig.

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