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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life Organiser

Came across a new shop in Ion, Singapore last week. A stationery shop boasting clinical white shelves stocked with colour coded book binders, diaries and all sorts of paper related paraphanelia.

The bright white lights from the shop sucked me in and soon I was drooling over the possibilities of colour coding my life, arranging my priorities by date and hue, never forgetting a birthdate, labelling my pickle jars ( like real) and so on.

This Aussie company Kikki-K, newly launched in Singapore offers notepads for meal planning, to files for the wedding planner, christmas shopping, all your bills and receipts, recipes, to lists for shopping, to-do, to-eat etc etc.

This is the weekly meal planner pad that you can rip off afterwards.

The food type stickers that you see here come separate. Useful for cookbooks.

I guess it can be really useful, besides sometimes it is useful to keep paperwork in line especially when you need to claim that dental bill or produce the warranty card for the broken oven. I have a box that I stuff all sorts of receipts and warranty cards into and it is a disgrace because I can never find anything.

However after half hour of fussing over which folder to purchase, I gave up. It was exactly here where I was looking at 2010 diaries, when I got a call from mum that Gabrielle was born!

I guess so thats why I decided to buy something - to commemorate the occasion.

This book records all my friends and family birthdates and addresses. The calendar is not year stamped so I don't have to keep copying the dates whenever I change a diary. The book also holds several cool segments like the favorites and shops and restaurants.

I think I will write down gift ideas in the Fav segment so I never run out of ideas. I guess I can always depend on FB to tell me when my friends' birthdays are but I like the old fashion way of writing things down....... hmm getting old I think.

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