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Monday, November 16, 2009

Gabby at 18 Days

My sister sent me some pics of Gabby. Yesterday, she was 18 days old.


During the week I am in S, it will be her first month birthday and most parents give out mini cakes and boiled eggs to friends and family. Not sure if my sister plans to do so but we might organise a photo taking session for them and my parents right in the comfort of their home.

JJ Photography specializes in maternity and newborns and their photos are extremely thoughtful I think. Here are some shots from their gallery.

The package includes them setting up backgrounds and bring professional equipment to the house and spending up to 3 hours. This is great because babies have their own schedules.

The photographer will also include parents, grandparents and even pets into the portfolio. S has a hyperactive chihuahua, I would like to see them deal with Mika.

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