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Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Brunch

Faced with boredom, I decided to try out some new recipes. We managed to round up some friends to come over for sunday brunch so that they could be tasters.

I spent all saturday doing prep work so that solved the boredom issue. As usual, halfway through the work, I ask myself if it was worth the effort. But I ploughed on and the results I think were pretty good.

I made

  • smoked salmon spring rolls with sweet and sour dipping sauce,
  • Indonesian Spicy chicken,
  • Citrus salad on avocado shells
  • Three bean salad and
  • Desserts were store bought from a patisserie in Shangri-la hotel. A fruit topped vanilla and walnut cake. ( wanted coffee cakes but none available)

As for the drinks, we set up a bloody mary station and made homemade tomato juice by roasting then pulsing fresh roma tomatoes. It was tasty.

Forgot to put the jug of juice out for this photo.

Our friends brought around some drinks too and it's Savanna cider, which is of 6% alcohol. I had half a bottle and was tipsy ! C had 3 bottles of it and did not waver. Amazing these South Africans. Apparently, it is her choice of poison, give her a glass of wine and she's off her rocks.

Now to plan for a christmas party. It's only 6 weeks away people!!

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