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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Glass Love Lost

I broke my favourite glass pitcher, by stupidly using it as a flower vase and putting stones in it to hold the blooms. The beautiful dark green glass pitcher was handmade and I don't recall where I bought it so I can't replace it.

I have to find a new pitcher and saw these beautiful designer pitchers from iitalia. I like the simplicity of this Kartio pitcher, it comes in a haunting cobalt blue too.

This jewel toned Orbix range from Cal Breed is quite stunning. I wouldn't know which colour to pick, they are all so gorgeous.


These are also from Orbix and I really like the burnt orange one in the front.


Aside from ptichers, I strayed and saw some beautiful serving bowls from Iitalia. They come in 12 colours.



 Sigh. Such beauty.

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