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Monday, February 1, 2010

Eating Out in Margaret River

D is off to M.River in a few weeks, lucky girl and she is a real foodie. I am recalling some of my best meals there from my own trip 4 years ago. I got my tips from Z who was there even longer ago and her recommendations were too spot on.

Here's my list ( some of them came from Z)
1. Vasse Felix - for fine dining and superb wine
2. Vat 107 in town - I went twice for dinner because it was that good.
3. Sea Garden - out in the Prevelly Coast where I had amazing breakfast. The cafe has fabulous views of the ocean though it gets pretty windy out there. Seating is limited so call ahead. They also feature oven baked pizzas so one night, we bought some for takeaway and stayed in our hotel watching videos.

Found another fan of Sea Garden online and here are her pics.

It is a very casual cafe but quality of food is outstanding. The breakfast is not to be missed.


Go here to read her entire post and see more photos.

Prevelly is a tiny coastal town and I don't recall doing much there except soaking up expansive views of the ocean and being whipped around by the fierce winds. However I did see this property there and even blogger Chubby Hubby stayed there a while back. The Ron Roozen beach house is very modern and quite imposing but has uninterrupted views of the lively coastline.

Photos from Ron Roozen's website.



Chubby Hubby did a detailed blog about his MR trip and food experiences here. I only spent a few days there and did not manage to sample everything M. River had to offer but we hope to return one day and perhaps D, you can give me tips on where to dine then.

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