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Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Dinner

I spent the last week in Singapore with the family, celebrating Lunar New Year. The days felt so long as we went from house to house wishing the elders a good new year. Everyone had fun fussing over my niece though and she lapped it up.

For one night, I managed to get just my family to have a quiet dinner on our own. We brought baby G along and she looked like she was having a good time. I booked a table at One on the Bund, at Collyer Quay where I have heard good things. 

The place has been restored to its former glory and given a new lease of life as a dining hall. I recall its old days as a shabby pier with shops selling ferry tickets to Kusu island and cheap shops manned by ah-peis offering tacky tourist souvenirs. When I worked along Robinson Road, I used to buy my lunch or a coffee and sit on this pier to watch the ferries come and go. Now the boats are gone and the wooden platform is for diners only. The view is quite special, as from here you can see the monstrous 3 towers that make up the Sands casino and on the left, the Esplanade and Marina South hotels.




The entire pier is now one very large restaurant and the decor Shanghai chic. Great attention is paid to the details like the cutlery, food styling etc. It was not just pretty but the food was actually very well done. We had some of the signature dishes like this lamb rib dish which were very tasty though portions were too small for 5 people.

 The restaurant has a open fireplace where they roast Peking Ducks and they use wood chips specially flown in from Beijing to perfume the ducks. We didn't try that but the roast chicken was very memorable.

There is also a special noodle bar where you can order handmade Shanghai noodles done in 8 styles. A definite lunch place to try.

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