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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cult status


I saw this photo of a home featured on the blog A Cup of Jo and was blown away by the simplicity and beauty of the painting on the wall. I want one too.

I dug deeper and found the artist, Harland Miller, painter and writer. His paintings go for thousands of pounds, so owning one is out of the question but still one can dream.


The great love that people have for Penguin classics have resulted in an explosion of its famous covers on mugs and rugs. I love these deck chairs. 

I came across the Penguin book of postcards at Kinokuniya  today and had to buy it. It came in a book like box and had 100 postcards in all delicious penguin designs.



I laid down 27 of them in a rainbow spectrum and am thinking of framing them up as one big artwork. What do you think ?

Or I scan my favourite cover and blow it up to Miller proportions, 6 ft by 5 by and find somewhere to hang it.

Potentially very interesting.

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