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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yummy indian

We were hunting for good indian today and someone introduced us to Bukhara in the city center. The restaurant was found in the Khalifa Tennis and Squash Centre and at 12pm on a weekday, we were the only patrons in there.

The restaurant was very cosy and dimly lit. We picked a window seat overlooking the green grounds outside the tennis centre. The courts were not visible but we saw several kids and coaches heading into the covered area, I presumed there must be an indoor court to allow for anyone to play during the summer.

The menu was large and we soon ordered too much as usual. I ordered the fish biryani and T the roasted chicken with hot spices. The waiters brought us some pappadums and mint sauce that was extremely spicy. The combinaton was delicious though when eaten with the pickled pink onions.

Will definitely come back again very soon.

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