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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Figs

Back in Asia, buying figs were a luxury as they don't keep well and have to be imported. In KL, you had to pay about RM 5-6 for one fig ( USD 1.70) and so I never bought any. Over here, figs are imported from neighbouring countries and as supply is plentiful, prices are alot more affordable.
I am no expert on using figs and can only think of one recipe. I once saw J. Oliver tear some fresh figs served with mozzarella, ham and drizzled honey. I find that rather unappetising but I still liked figs so bought a jar of fig paste instead from Carrefour. This would last a lot longer in my pantry and I could stretch this further than a bunch of fresh ones. This jar cost QR 9.00 for 450 gm and I soon started looking for recipes for using it. 

Recipes were bountiful but these ones really caught my eye. 

Williams Sonoma's Fig-Date Bread.  Great for a weekend breakfast don't you think?

Fig pastry. This is quite easy to make if you have some frozen pastry dough handy. It is served with ice cream and raspberry sauce here.

Cheesematters had this similar and mouthwatering recipe. Camembert en croute with fig paste. I want to give this recipe a try for the next dinner party as an appetizer.

And what about this recipe Balsamic Fig Cheese Spread? I think it sounds divine and with the paste, it doesn't need the first couple of steps. Might try it for tea tomorrow.

Hope you are inspired to make some yummy treats for yourself this weekend too!

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