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Monday, August 9, 2010

Final Destination for 2

I am reaching the no fly zone pretty soon and today marked my 27th week of my  pregnancy. Most airlines will let me fly up to 36 weeks but as a precaution, I rather fly before I become too big and clumsy. My billowing bulk would be a hindrance to any decent walking plus I probably have to pee every 16 minutes. So now would be the best time to go on the road. Besides Ramadan will start 11th August and everything in Doha will come to a standstill. So a good time to plan a getaway would be now.

Every year, T and I make the same new year resolution and that, is to visit discover new lands together. The destination this year is Turkey. We are only away for 5 days so we will be spending it all in Istanbul but after doing some reading, I already know that in order to properly see Turkey, we will need to come back and spend at least a month trekking around this wonderful land.

Coincidently, Eating Asia's Robyn Eckhardt just returned from a 5 week journey through this mystical land. (lucky girl) She wrote some wonderful tales here and here. Her descriptions of markets, of having delicious meals, of bumpy car journeys through friendly villages and the spellbinding photos from her photographer husband David Hagerman , just just make me want to leave for Turkey right now.

This photo was taken from her blog.

I can't to get lost in the streets of Istanbul and smell new smells and taste new things.
Am counting the days now......

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