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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home Makeover

The weekend has come and gone and I finished a couple of tasks. The shelves in the doorway have been cleared, the coffee table and the console have been dusted and arranged with pretty things.

I wanted to display some of the stuff collected over the years but not sure how to do it so sought inspiration from interior design blogs all over. There is an art involved in shelf display. Much like retail window space, there are people who do this seriously for a living. Some displays like the LV windows are selected after submissions from artists, or Anthropologie, which always get quite a bit of buzz on blogosphere.

These displays are not practical of course but so pretty. I had to look at "real life" examples and when I watched SATC 2, I really lusted after Carrie's apartment. A quick check online revealed that Lydia Marks was responsible for the looks and she was also the person behind the Devil Wears Prada sets.

I thought the coffee table setting was rather unique.

This weekend, I tried my hand at putting something together for our coffee table and achieved this look.

It still needs work but for now it will do. The cobalt blue hand blown vase is from Prague, the coasters are from Star street in HK. The print is by children's illustrator Charlie Harper and the bronze pen is by Manuel Ferreiro, a blacksmith based in Mexico. T bought it from The Wright Gift in ION Singapore and he liked it as it represents him to some extent.

The books are an assortment, I mixed classic historical with Asterix comics.

We got this vintage album book as a gift from T's mum. During our last trip to the UK, the family went for a sunday walk in the Spitalfields market. It was a weekend market that boasted a massive food market alongside antiques and independent labels. J found this antique album and though it was falling apart, it was a beauty.

The man could not tell us how old it was, but we found two photos inside it that might hold some answers.

We estimate the book to be at least 50 years old, and it might hold some baby photos soon.

The other parts of the house is still being put together but I will give you a peek.

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