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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shopping sites of note

I can't find anything decent in Doha when I shop, and often resort to looking online. My recent purchases on Swimspot were delivered and fitted me perfectly. I am really pleased and relieved since getting sizes right can be tricky.

Some other websites however is purely evil. I can smell plastic burning even before the pages load. 

JossandMain had these gorgeous bags from Halsea.

I adore the last one, the envelope clutch. The sales on JossandMain are usually only for a few days and their blog is full of pretty images.

If you haven't seen Fab, don't say I didn't warn you. The site is very addictive. I find myself going to it fairly often to see their deals. Sometimes they have designer collections at really low prices but the stuff gets snapped up pretty fast.

Cobone is a travel related site that feature deals from the Middle East. It works like Groupon. They are running some really attractive deals for travelling in the ME or from it. The hotel Jumeirah Zabeel is offering a night stay at 50% off their rack rates.

Pretty swanky eh? I am waiting for them to offer something similar in the Sharq Hotel in Doha which boasts the Six Senses Spa. I am keen to do a chilled out weekend away without baby Z.

Which sites do you recommend for some quality retail therapy?

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Cobone Crew said...

Hi! We are glad you came across our website! We have plenty of deals, not only travel deals and you are more than welcome to check them out at! Keep an eye out on our travel deals too as we will definitely have some interesting weekend getaways around the world that will appeal to you! :)