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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cafe with a wow factor

I am sick. Runny nose, itchy throat, overall yuckiness. T is also sick and we are both slouching around like a bunch of sorry asses. It's not nice. So we went out. Unplugged ourselves from the couch where we have been wilting for hours, and went out for some fresh air. Doha, at this time, is lovely. Cool breezes with sunny skies, just like being back home. So we headed to the Murakami exhibition at MIA ( Museum of Islamic Art)

The exhibition was interesting, quite spectacular though not exactly my kind of thing. The artist is um, how should we say it.... on an acid trip when he created these characters? Anyway, still worth it. Added some colour to the desertscape we are surrounded by. 

Afterwards, we tried to take a sneak peek in the Alain Ducasse's new restaurant within the top floor of MIA, but it was not opened yet. 

The walk to the other cafe - The Garden Cafe took us by this playground. Bouncing trapeze for kids how cool!

Here we are approaching the cafe, it is right next to the water and you can see the city skyline beyond.

I always coveted these chairs by Patricia Urquiola when I see them in online mags. To see them up close and sit in them made me very happy. The colours are so cheerful don't you think?

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