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Monday, February 14, 2011


What do you do when you are bored in the desert?

Go shooting. Right in the centre of town, next to the police training grounds and the North Atlantic College, was the Doha shooting range. The grounds were very basic and was nothing more than a sandy pit.

75 riyals for a box of ammo and the chap gave us some ear phones before giving us some instructions on using the shotgun. He had a handheld remote that controlled the targets that come flying out about 10 metres from us into the dusty arena. The targets were small red discs and so hard to aim at but I managed to hit one! Pure chance anyway, I think I had both my eyes closed at some point. the blast was so loud and the recoil against my shoulder made it sore only after a few tries.

Still, not a bad way to spend an afternoon with some mates. Good to release some stress, just imagine your nemesis and fire away !

(pics from here)

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