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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project ID

I signed up for a course at a college here. One of the really fortunate things about Doha is that there are some really prestigious universities here like Georgetown. If I don't start working in the next year, I am considering doing a full time course, on what, I'm not sure yet.

For now, VCU which is the Virginia Community University offers spring classes on languages, art, jewellery making ... I scanned the courses and found the ID one to my delight.

What fun, a course on designing your home. The syllabus covers lighting, space management and colours among other aspects of ID. The course is bi-weekly and will be for 2 months. I have so far attended 2 classes and tonight, is Class 3.

Manju, our teacher is a designer and has been teaching for several years now. She is expecting us to produce 3D dioramas of our work by the end of the course and the best one will be showcased at an exhibition.

The class only had 12 students and there was a Egyptian housewife, some students, a real estate guy, a French interior designer and me. During the second class we were told to flip through magazines and pick 4-5 images that captured our attention. We then had to explain why they were meaningful to us and develop a concept from these images.

I sort of had a idea from the magazines, but then when I was at home one day having coffee and surfing the net, I came across something else that drew my attention and I have since built a concept around it.

This is a series of 4 commercials from EF (Education First)

I loved the cinematography and the typography.

I took this and have developed it further. This ad is for learning a new language but why stop there? Learning is a lifetime process and to be inspired to keep learning everyday whether it is reading about a new topic or finding your inner Picasso, is a noble idea. They say a keen mind lengthens life.

Keep Learning. That's my concept for the room.

Will post more but gotta run for my class tonight. Have a lovely evening.

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