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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Footie for Tots

I have been busy over the past week doing some design work besides watching the incredible events unfolding in the Mid-East. D, my good friend from KL is over to cover the events for the channel and we have been spending much time catching up and playing with the little boy during free afternoons.

As for the design stuff, D from Hong Kong is organising a birthday party for her 2 year old. His favourite sport is soccer and his mum has invited his coach in Socotots to attend the party. My job was to design a card and offer up some suggestions for party decor.

The internet as always, had plenty of ideas for a footie party. Ball-inspired icing cookies.

Faux grass centerpiece with miniature tropies as decoration.

Party bags and water bottles with personalized themes and names.

I finally came up with L.W's card and it is a postcard with double sided print.

As part of party favours, D is going to print out some T-shirts for the little ones using the Thomas Cup theme. It would be a cute keepsake and make for some great photos.

I wish that I could be there for the celebration but am sure it will be a roaring success !

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