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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

2010- the year of the Tiger, is no more. It has been a pretty amazing 12 months and looking back, I feel truly blessed for

1. Having baby Z who is totally brilliant in every way ;

2. Leaving KL ( sob sob) , home for almost 5 years, to move to the Middle East and finding it a surprisingly interesting place to live.

3. Winning a legal tustle after almost 3 years of fighting;
4. Breaking ground in Project Lanka

5.  Finally setting up The Write Stuff 

The new year will be a challenging one. Project Lanka is due to be completed by mid year so we will have to furnish it and make it livable.  Project Z will be learning new tricks and definitely be causing much joy and pain to us but mostly joy.

As always, my resolution is to try a new hobby and travel to a new country so 2011 will not be any different.

2010 saw us in Istanbul and for this year, we are planning to visit our neighbour, Oman. The roads there are famous for carving through incredible landscapes.


( pics from here )

( pic from here )

Besides that, I have to start discovering more of Doha now that I am more mobile.
Happy New Year!

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