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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Christmas Gone...

Another Christmas, another year and soon 2010 will be no more. We spent the holidays eating and drinking while managing Z's sleep routines rather successfully. He's so young and so slept through everything. I was able to chill out and enjoy the odd glass of wine or five.

Doha has become so cool even during the day temperatures are never higher than 25 degrees. Perfect weather, as I said to a friend, for slim leather jackets and peep toe stilettos. On Christmas morning, we joined some friends for brunch at La Cigale Traiteur which also boasts an impressive deli.

The cafe offered the usual breakfast options but the deli was in a class of its own. There were miles desserts, cheeses, breads, ice creams and sweets on offer. 

As it is Christmas, the range of log cakes was mind numbing. How does one choose ? Luckily I had dinner invitations tonight, so was "forced"to buy a cake.

I finally decided on the cake featured on the left bottom of the photo above. It was a chocolate mousse cake with a rice crispies base. Delish and at QR 180 which was not cheap but totally worth the pennies.

I was tempted with this log cake with the face but changed my mind.

We will be back soon to sample the rest.

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