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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Floating Art

Z is only 2 months old but I think he is starting to see better and getting more engaged with his surroundings. I am shopping for a mobile that will keep him interested while he lies in his cot but I hate the plastic ones that you get from Toys R Us or any baby shop. They are usually bulky and has ghastly colours. I know he's too young to differentiate styles so I might as well get a mobile that I like. He wouldn't know the difference right?

I am considering these eco- friendly ones from Sevi, an Italian maker of wooden toys.

The colours are much easier on the eye and the designs very charming. I like this circus theme below.

His granny sent a Flensted mobile of elephants and it's floating above Z's changing mat now.

The other alternative is to ignore Z's needs and go with something larger than life. Something massive that will hang in the middle of his room. An art piece more than a playful mobile.

This is by artist Leah Pellegrini are made from hand blown glass. It is 2 feet by 2.5 feet and cost USD 145.

I am in love with these nature inspired ones from Colorado based artist, Jan Carson. The petals are all made of silk leaves and spans 50 inches.

This is my absolute favourite. The red maple leaf branch at USD 595. How magical to have this just floating in your room don't you think?

You can buy them all and see more designs here

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