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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To Do Lists

I love lists, I make many lists, from shopping to to-Do, to lists of recipes etc. A fellow blogger I found who also loved doing lists, collaborated with a tech guy and created an online free app called TeuxDeux. Its a play on french and it actually reads To Do.

The app is now my home page so whenever I fire up my computer, it logs me in and my whole week is in front of me.

Like today

closer look reveals

The blank spaces are where you type your thing to do and as you hit enter, it goes down to the list. You can cancel out things already done or remove from list completely. Very simple and convenient so if you like, download it from them here.

There is also a someday to do list at the bottom of the page, it has no timeline, so more like a wish list.


Z said...

Is there a People To-Do List? Dan Carter would top that list for me, EVERY day, hahaha!

Datthang said...

hahhahahahah i didn't even think of that you bad girl ! hahahahhahahaha

still after so many years ? carter ? mine is simon baker..... just love that sly smile and the hair, its all about the hair ...