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Friday, December 11, 2009

Jingles in my Head

Yesterday I was at lunch with some girlfriends. We decided to steer away from Bangsar village and try the new BSC also in bangsar district. This mall went through a massive revamp and has expanded to house many more new shops and a spanking new gourmet food hall. It reminded me of Tanglin mall but bigger.

The Christmas lights and shops made us hum christmas carols and now I am feeling like putting up some decorations at home. D was inspired too and she picked up several small wall hanging wreaths made of red sparkly snowflakes. Small thing just to put us in the mood. She is planning to do a boxing day party by the pool so we picked up some hanging blue and white lights to drape on her balcony.

I don't own a tree and don't want one but could live with some sparkle or a wreath.

Doesn't it put you in the mood too?

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