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Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas Week !

It was one great but long Christmas week! D and L came over and we had a blast, I wish I could keep up with them cos the first night we went to bed at 4am, Christmas eve we slept at 3am and then the 3rd night I bailed at 1.30 while they went out and came home at 4am!!

Everyday was action packed, we went out shopping all day and drank all night. It was super fun. L and I both bought a pair of designer sandals from Tory Burch.

She got them in white while I loved the black ones. We bought many cheap cotton sundresses from BB while D was disappointed at only coming away with 2 outfits from Eclipse but they were lovely.

The last day, on Boxing day, their flight was leaving at 8.30pm. We went over to a friend's place at 3pm and by 6pm, L was just warming up and so was reluctant to leave the party. She went online and changed her flight to delay it by a day !!! D could not be persuaded though, so she went off to the airport alone. I bailed at that same party around 11pm because the past nights'drinking were creeping up on me and I was getting pretty shattered. Had to leave L behind and she came home at 10 am hahahahha.

Well done L, you are the champion of champions.

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