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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oodles of Fun

That's Rohani, famous Malaysian food stylist, chef and a cooking teacher. When I first moved to Kl in July 2006, I attended her bread making class and enjoyed it. Since then, I have not returned mostly because I got busy and started working and honestly forgot about her.

Several weeks ago, I got an email blast from Rohani saying that the lessons were back on and she even opened her own little boutique hotel on the premises- Bayan Indah Culinary Resort .The menu on Oct 1st caught my eye and I signed up for it.

Hot Noodles Class - choose to make mee rebus, soto ayam, mee siam or kerabu meehoon.

Mee Siam !! My favourite !! L used to make this on special occasions and I always wanted to learn.

My cab driver and I set off from my house at 9am and after many confusing turns and U turns we arrived in Sungei Pencala kampung. Her house has gone through much change since 2006 but the massive herb garden and pond remained. The kitchen has been extended twice its original size and now opened out to the back gardens where she grows fruits and vegetables. Dream kitchen.

Today there were only 3 students including myself so after brief introductions and hot ginger tea, we started cooking. I started on the prep work for the soto ayam and much of the work was with pounding spices in the mortar.

It was a fun afternoon, we were encouraged to taste and cook at the same time. The kitchen was just smelling heavenly as great big pots of stock were brewing and sambal was being fried.

This was the tossing of Kerabu Mee Hoon, a salad of carrots, tofu, sprouts, banana flower, dried prawns, kerisik ( shaved coconut dried fried til golden and crispy), chillies and calamansi juice.

The mee rebus stock was the most tedious to prepare as it was a combination of beef and prawn stock. The prawns had to be first peeled then fried, then boiled in water and then blended and sieved. After toiling for 3 hours though, the results were very satisfying.

Voila Mee Rebus !

And now I can make my own mee siam too!

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