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Friday, October 16, 2009

Homebaked Bread

Happy Friday all! It's the weekend and I have nothing planned. Lovely.

Bought some flowers from C our friendly florist down the street to spruce up the loft plus made some delicious blackened cod for dinner.

We were planning on having breakfast tomorrow in bed with kippers and toast but there was no toast. When we took our breadmaker out we found that the crucial part, the little paddle in the appliance was missing. Undeterred, we went ahead with making bread by hand, the ol'fashioned way.

I bought the best bread recipe book ever many months ago and from it, yielded several loaves of incredible bread.

Richard Bertinet, French baker showed the key techniques in making the airy, light and yummy loaves. The book was brillant because it came wth a DVD and watching him in the tutorial taught me a lot. I did a google search and found to my delight that he runs a cookery school in Bath, UK! Maybe the next time I visit T's mum I can sign up for a few workshops there.

Here's my baby loaf, from its birth.

After resting for an hour, she swelled to twice her size.

And only after 15 minutes in a hot oven................. manna !!!!

Fresh bread for brekkie tomorrow! The weekend is starting off pretty well.
I hope yours is too!

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