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Monday, May 4, 2009

Posh Nosh

Last weekend we were invited to a cocktail soiree at Sevenatenine. There is a new manager in town from Manhattan and they just hired Emmanuel Strobant from Singapore's St Pierre to be the new execu. chef. Justin from 789 is very eager to please as he is a newbie in Kl with the cool job of running 789. Emmanuel didn't make an appearance but his signature touch was seen in the menu.

St Pierre used to be THE lunch place to be seen in for the oil crowd as E. Strobant specializes in foie gras. Sinfully yummy.

Here at 789, he created the ultimate bite sized burger with wagyu beef topped with foie gras. What is there not to love?!!!

No picy of the burger, it was devoured faster than I can whip out my camera. :)

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