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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting lost

( image via flickr)

Today is one of those days I wish I lived elsewhere. I just want to strangle the people and the road system. After spending considerable time and effort copying road directions of google maps yesterday, we set of this morning full of confidence. The mission was to locate two furniture shops, one in Shah Alam and the other in Puchong. The former is north-west of the city and the latter, south-west of us.

We managed to get on the right highways and at the final turn, we messed it up due to brillant road signs that mysteriously disappear as you get to the turn off. At first we were not miffed as we have done this many times before. Solution is to find the next exit and U turn back on the highway and try again, of course being in KL, the U turn leads you to a completely different area. Anyway long story short, we managed it and got on the right highway, only to mess it up at the eleventh hour due to some other misleading signs.

3 U turns later, we found the place but it was NOT a showroom, only an office. "Showroom round the corner, very near" the receptionist said assuringly. "Just drive back to the traffic light and turn right".

Drove up to the lights and there was NO right turn, only left which leads us back to the SAME highway !. ( pulling hair )

We eventually got more lost and decided that plan B was in play and the first furniture shop is a goner. By now it has been 1.5 hours of driving. We decided that we need to plan better and we go to the second shop without much drama. Parking was an issue so we found somewhere away from the shophouses.

Now begins the searching for the shop. The road names in this city as you know makes no sense, They have no names, only numbers and to make things more interesting, the numbers do not have any particular order. We entered one random shop to ask what street we are on, and guess what, they don't know.

God help these people......

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